An inclusive rendition of the classic 'Fun with Dick & Jane.'

The social club is located at 396-E, Isles of Meta. AKA...Isles of DiQ. Built on Unreal Engine 5, the DiQVerse will hold an island paradise just for holders. We don't want to reveal too much but having exstensive experience building FiveM since 2016, DayeDaye will create a world of unfathomable immersion. Multiple islands will be utilized to hold property, concerts, lounge and games. Get all DiQ'd out...

Hand-Drawn, Digitally Rendered Assets.

2222K Freemint NFTs for the community. Built on an optimized 721a contract with a creamlist with 2 mints per wallet. DiQs have been handrawn by @dayedayeart and meticulously curated to have 230 of the most unique and creative traits.

Utility and Community

The NFT and digital asset space has now crossed the line where vanity PFPs with no real utility are overvalued from derivative after derivative. Without utility, a project can become stagnant and loose investors value rapidly. Our Social Club aims to move with the shifting tide and provide true lasting brand recognition. through gamification and reward based utility. Utilization will take advantage of ALL growing ecosystems and L1s. The FUTURE is MULTI-CHAIN.<


Hold DiQPiQs for the opportunity to collect a CAPE!
More Information Coming Soon.

  • Community Currently Building
  • Mint OG DiQPiQs To Be Determined
  • Cape Airdrop Q4 2022
  • DiQ Meets Jane Q1 2023